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Raw Material

Cat Country is made out of straw mixed with a natural binder. By using a special mixing method Cat Country gets a odor binding effect to prevent the smelling of the ammonia that cats secrete via urine.


With the aid of a press the product is fabricated into a 6 millimeter pellet. Because of it's light weight the product is easy to carry and change.

Research by the university of Glasgow has shown that Cat Country prevents the transmission of FCoV (Corona virus) via cat litter.


  • High absorption capacity
  • Environmentally friendly (Disposable as organic waste)
  • Durable
  • Dsut-proof
  • Dry top layer
  • Safe for both cats and rodents

In addition to that Cat Country has some features that make this product very user friendly. Uniquely, the litter box no longer stinks when this product is used. Also Cat Country doesn't leave dust and traces.

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