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Fleuren Presspack has its origins in forage trading. Traditionally, farmers were provided with hay and straw as a soil litter or as a feeding stuff. A shrinking market made it necessary to find alternatives for the sale of hay and straw. In the 70s we started with the manufacturing of packaging for small animals in the town of Bergharen. In 1990 the wood fiber producing company Van der Zwan B.V. from Leiderdorp was acquired. Thanks to this acquisition we were able to provide a complete range of soil litters to our customers. For logistic reasons, both plants were united and centralized in the town of Oss. This provided a stable basis to opimally cater the needs of our customers.


Our new and modern plant provides an optimal working environment for our employees thanks to good dust extractors and sprinkler system to ensure fire protection. This means that our customers can rely on a high degree of certainty in deliveries and service. Currently we supply many customers throughout Europe and even outside of Europe. This is done via our own label “Presspack” our via the own (private) labels of our customers.


The market remains subject to change by an increasing customer awareness. With these changings in mind, we are continuously improving our products and quality. As a result we continue to meet the requirements and desires of our customers.

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