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Fleuren Presspack B.V. Oss is a private label manufacturer in the field of various types of small and large-packaged ground covers. Our range of products consists of hay, litter, wood fibers and a variety of pressed pellets

On our website you can learn about the different products and our diversity of packaging and filling weights. We are able to produce al these products for you, even with your own private label.

The core business of Fleuren Press Pack B.V. is manufacturing various types of ground covers and feedstuff. We can manufacture the feedstuff and ground covers in various weights, both loose and pressed. Thanks to our self-developed manufacturing process, we are able to provide high-quality products continuously throughout the year.

Our catalog

Below is an overview of our product range.



Herbal hay




Wood fibers


Wood pellets


Straw pellets


Cat Country

Cat Country
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