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Fleuren Presspack is a specialist in delivering hay, straw, wood fibers, wood pellets and straw pellets under your own brand. This is what we call private label. All the products we manufacture in our high quality factory can be produced under your own private label. We support you throughout the process of developing and launching your own private label. Together we select the different products your private label will support and then we choose in which amounts and weights they will be offered. After that we will make a decision about which type of packaging is suitable for your shelf plan. Once these steps are completed, packaging samples will be made. If everything is approved by you, the actual packages will be made and filled according to your wishes, and if necessary also delivered. Fleuren Presspack will always provide you support and advice when necessary. This helps you with a successful introduction and retention of your own private label.

During this process we work with quality suppliers of various packages made of plastic or paper. Besides our own expertise, the knowledge of our partners will be used to make a great success of the introduction of your own private label.

Furthermore, we are constantly updating the range of packages we offer for your private label. We keep up with the latest trends and respond quickly to the desires of the market. For example separately packaged products. We will help you with all sorts of (new) packages to realise the ideal shelf plan.

Of course, if you desire, we can offer you a full range of soil litters and feed stuff of our own private label “Pet’s own choice”. You can go for this option If you don’t want your own private label or if you want to offer another private label next to your own.

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